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11 B&W illustrations
240 pages • 5½ × 8 in.
Jacketed hardcover
Rights: World
Ages 9–12 / Grades 4–6
September 2017
ISBN 978-1-946053-00-8

Sample pages

Aunt Claire Presents
The Automobile Girls at Newport
By Laura Dent Crane
Introduction by Aunt Claire

This is one of the series books that American girls read for fun a century ago. It’s not only a fast-paced tale of friendship and adventure, but also a piece of history that reveals many interesting things—good and bad—about our past.
Aunt Claire has combed through the attic of forgotten stories to rescue some good ones. Her first selection is The Automobile Girls at Newport, originally published in 1910.
In this book, you will meet Ruth, Barbara, Mollie, and Grace, the four explorers who take to the road in Ruth’s bright red car, affectionately called Mr. A. Bubble. They are heading for Newport, Rhode Island, a resort town famous for mansions and millionaires.
Oh, and Ruth’s Aunt Sallie is coming along too, just to keep the girls out of trouble. She’s a good sort of aunt (rather like Aunt Claire), but she’s also fond of naps, and she leaves some of the more dangerous adventuring to the girls.
And danger does find them—a professional thief is following the girls to Newport! He is planning to pull off a big jewel heist at the annual Tennis Ball, and . . . well, I suppose you’ll just have to see.
Aunt Claire’s illustrated introduction provides just the right amount of historical context for young readers: What was it like to go on a road trip in 1910? Were girls encouraged to drive? And what can we learn from the mix of social attitudes displayed in the book?
Don’t forget to look underneath the jacket to see the original cover from 1910!