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Free printable mazes
Maze 15: Trees
Maze 22: Chords


Two colors throughout
64 pages • 8 × 8 in.
Rights: World
September 2017
ISBN 978-1-946053-04-6

Sample pages

24 Mazes
By Henry Fried
A book of beautiful and challenging puzzles for all ages, full of optical illusions, meditative geometric patterns, and natural and abstract motifs.
A trap for the pencil. An escape for the mind. A good maze is both a picture and a puzzle, a work of art that you travel through. It offers different sensations of physical movement, as well as an emotional journey—through hope and disappointment, insight and confusion, to an ultimate triumph. It is one of the great hybrid art forms, like opera or the comic strip.
This book invites you to experience two dozen of the most varied and remarkable mazes, painstakingly drawn by hand—visions of a dazzling black-and-white world in which the austere beauty of geometry is infused with the warmth of imagination. They offer hours of mindful exploration for puzzlers of all ages. Art lovers will enjoy just looking at them, and catching their subtle historical echoes.
Written and visual instructions are provided for each maze. At the back of the book you will find not only solutions but also an illustrated introduction to the principles of maze design.
Henry Fried is a maze designer living in New York.